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Tree removal is a specialized service that requires specific tools, from technical lowering equipment to bucket trucks and climbers. Let us assess your trees’ specific needs to ensure the safety of your property, surrounding structures, and our safety. Whether it is for cosmetic, problematic trees, home additions, dead or dying trees, or evasive root damage to your property, tree removal can be a necessary process to ensure employee, personal, or commercial property safety and future structural protection.


We specialize in Hazardous Takedowns and High-Risk Limb Removal. From unsafe limbs surrounding high-traffic walkways to limbs that have grown over your roof or driveways, we have the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to handle any job big or small.


We recommend regular tree maintenance every 1 to 3 years! However, to ensure safety to you and your property, schedule a FREE tree consultation annually. Tree Pruning is a necessary step to maintain healthy growth patterns and the longevity of your tree. Tree Pruning ranges from removing dead or dying limbs and problematic limbs to thinning, healthy crown height reductions, and uplifts. Proper Tree Pruning Keeps Your Trees Healthy!

Stump Grinding

A large stump in the middle of your property can be a real eyesore. Our professional (and well maintained) stump grinder cuts right through that stump and removes it quickly and cleanly. Give us a call today to get a free estimate.

Snow Removal

We are now offering snow removal services. If you are interested in having Durkin Tree Service remove the snow from your property this winter, please print out our contract form and mail it back to us.

Firewood available now

Now offering a variety of firewood options to fit your needs. Whether that be smoking, cooking, bonfire/ outdoor use, or for your indoor fireplace.

Call for availability!

Free Wood Chip delivery

Text or call us to get on our wood chip delivery list and when we are in your area we will deliver for free. The size of delivery will be based on availability and will not exceed 11 cubic yards. Wood chips will contain chipped pine needles.